We are an enterprise dedicated to the electricity sector, formed by professionals and technicians of the area; our staff is at your disposal with a wide expertise to solve the difficulties. We offer absolute confidence and experience. It has 6 fundamental themes:

  • TE-1
  • Assembly
  • Measurement of the grounding system
  • Construction of the grounding system
  • Power factor
  • Rate analysis

  1. TE-1
  2. Confection of plans and certificate TE1, this serves to apply for connections, municipal license, increased electrical power, etc. The plans have: ground plan, single-line diagram and load table.

    For the case of power (more than 20 kW) it’s necessary to make calculations of:

    • Grounding system
    • Lighting
    • Calculating conductors
    • Tension fall
    • Protections
    • Capacitors
    • Cubing of materials
  3. Instalations
  4. Administration of electric works (workforce) and execution of works.

  5. Measurements of grounding systems
  6. Measurement of resistance and soil resistivity the grounding system is a vital element for the protection against dangerous contact instruments with the up to date calibration are used in the measurement instruments. A complete report is delivered with the respective calculations.

  7. Construction and installation of grounding system
  8. Construction and installation field of chemistry or mesh designed bar.

  9. Power factor
  10. Improvement of power factor to avoid penalties for that concept.

  11. Rate Analysis
  12. A good rate planning can reduce the expensis in the electric company, the results since the first month.